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Join Woodland Davis Aeromodelers

WDA is accepting new members throughout the year.  Pressing the link below will bring up the membership application.  Membership applications must include proof of membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics.  

Member Fees for 2023

Adults 18-54, Seniors 55-74, Super Seniors 75 and over.  

Juniors up to age 18.  Families of any number of members of any age living at the same address. 


New Member Fees:

Adult $120  Senior$114  Super Senior $114 Junior $29  Family $153

UC Davis Aero Students no charge with valid student ID and AMA.  (No eligibility to hold office or vote)

Member Renewals

Membership is from January 1 thru December 31.  Membership renewals are due by February 15.  Renewals after March 1 are subject to late fee.  

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