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Membership Fees For 2017 

WDA Member Levels:   Adults are 18-54

                                                Seniors are over 55-74

                                                Super Seniors are 75 and over

                                                Juniors are up to 18

                                                Families are any number of members of any age living at the same address 

New Members Fees:     Adults $ 120 membership

                                                Seniors $114 membership

                                                Super Seniors $114 membership

                                                Juniors $29

                                                Families $153 membership

 Member Renewals:        Adult $240 with 0 points / $120 with 8 points

                                                Seniors $234 with 0 points / $114 with 8 points

                                                Super Seniors $114 (No points needed)

                                                        Note: Seniors over 75 can deduct points earned against dues at $15 per point.

                                                Juniors $29 (No points needed)

                                                Families $273 with 0 points / $153 with 8 points

                                                Military and Individuals who live over 70 miles away,  120 with no points for renewal.

 Points Work System:     Adults & Seniors are $15 per point and need 8 points per year ($120)

                                                Super Seniors can work off their membership with full points

                                                Junior members do not need to earn points

                                                Families only need to earn 8 points within the group


Earning Points:           Volunteering and lending a hand for anything to the benefit of the organization shall earn points.  IE working at an events, work parties, club administration, even approved donations.


Examples:                    MALL SHOW MAX 6 Pts. For the whole show

                                                1 Pt. for Friday Set-up

                                                1 Pr. For 2 hrs. work at mall. (2pts. Max per day)

                                                1 Pt. for models (no matter how many) brought for display.

                                        MAJOR EVENTS MAX 6 Pts for show

                                                 SCALE MASTERS, Wings of Victory, GIANT SCALE, Jet Fly,

                                                 GOYET CONTROLINE & MEET & MEAT

                                                 1 Pt. for Friday Set-up

                                                 1 Pt. for 2Hrs. Work at event (2Pts. Max per day)

                                                 1 Pt. for TearDown 

                                        STANDARD EVENTS MAX 3 Pts. For show

                                                  OPEN HOUSE, Float Fly, WAM Fund Day, TOYS FOR TOTS, Fun Fly

                                                 1 Pt. for Friday Set-up

                                                 1 Pts. Per Day for Work at event (2Hrs Min.)

                                                 1 Pt. for teardown

                                          WORK PARTIES MAX 2 Pts.

                                                  1 Pt. for 2 Hrs worked

                                           OFFICERS 8 Pts. For the Year

                                                   PRESIDENT, V.President, SECRETARY, Treasurer, BOARD MEMBERS

                                            OTHER 8 Pts. for Year

                                                    Field Maint., SNACKBAR, Raffle, NEWSLETTER Asst., MEMBERSHIP, Safety, WEB.

                                            CD's get 8 Pts. For each event run.


Yearly Points Perks:       Out of State Members do not need points for renewal.


Hardship Program:          Members can make requests to the board that the $120 points be waived if they have a physical/ Medical hardship.  Or they can request of the board, to be allowed to work off their membership by earning extra points, if they have a financial hardship. 

***This will only be allowed 2 times in a 10 year period.                ***