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Membership Fees For 2022

WDA Member Levels:   Adults are 18-54

                                                Seniors are over 55-74

                                                Super Seniors are 75 and over

                                                Juniors are up to 18

                                                Families are any number of members of any age living at the same address 

New Members Fees:     Adults $ 120 membership

                                                Seniors $114 membership

                                                Super Seniors $114 membership

                                                Juniors $29

                                                Families $153 membership

                                      ****  University of California Davis Aero Students, No charge for up to

                                                25  members with Student ID, Must have AMA membership, No

                                                voting  rights or ability to hold officer position in the club.  ****

 Member Renewals:        Member ship is from 1 Jan thru 31 Dec, club renewals are due by 15 Feb

                                          Renewals after 1 Mar are subject to Late fees.

                                                 Adult $240 with 0 points / $120 with 8 points

                                                 Seniors $234 with 0 points / $114 with 8 points

                                                 Super Seniors $114 (No points needed)

                                                    Note: Seniors over 75 can deduct points earned against dues at $15 per point.

                                                Juniors $29 (No points needed)

                                                 Families $273 with 0 points / $153 with 8 points

                                                 Military and Individuals who live over 70 miles away,  $120 with no points

                                                 required for renewal.

                                                UC Davis Students do not need to earn points

 Points Work System:  Points are worth $15 per point and members need 8 per year to renew their member ship.  You can buy points at the end of the year during renewal, if you have not earned enough points, or adults and senior members can earn points by working at the field.

                                                Super Seniors can work off their membership with full points

                                                Junior members do not need to earn points

                                                Families only need to earn 8 points within the group


Earning Points:           Volunteering and lending a hand for anything to the benefit of the organization shall earn points.  IE: working at an events, work parties, club administration, even approved donations.


Examples:                    MALL SHOW MAX 6 Pts. For the whole show

                                                1 Pt. for Friday Set-up

                                                1 Pr. For 2 hrs. work at mall. (2pts. Max per day)

                                                1 Pt. for models (no matter how many) brought for display.

                                        MAJOR EVENTS MAX 6 Pts for show

                                                 SCALE MASTERS, Wings of Victory, GIANT SCALE, Jet Fly,

                                                 GOYET CONTROLINE & MEET & MEAT

                                                 1 Pt. for Friday Set-up

                                                 1 Pt. for 2Hrs. Work at event (2Pts. Max per day)

                                                 1 Pt. for TearDown 

                                        STANDARD EVENTS MAX 3 Pts. For show

                                                  OPEN HOUSE, Float Fly, WAM Fund Day, TOYS FOR TOTS, Fun Fly

                                                 1 Pt. for Friday Set-up

                                                 1 Pts. Per Day for Work at event (2Hrs Min.)

                                                 1 Pt. for teardown

                                          WORK PARTIES MAX 2 Pts.

                                                  1 Pt. for 2 Hrs worked

                                           OFFICERS 8 Pts. For the Year

                                                   PRESIDENT, V.President, SECRETARY, Treasurer, BOARD MEMBERS

                                            OTHER 8 Pts. for Year

                                                    Field Maint., SNACKBAR, Raffle, NEWSLETTER Asst., MEMBERSHIP, Safety, WEB.

                                            CD's get 8 Pts. For each event run.


Yearly Points Perks:       Out of State Members do not need points for renewal.


Hardship Program:          Members can make requests to the board that the $120 points be waived if they have a physical/ Medical hardship.  Or they can request of the board, to be allowed to work off their membership by earning extra points, if they have a financial hardship. 

***This will only be allowed 2 times in a 10 year period.                ***