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My Hanger 9 (HAN2790) P-47D-1 Thunderbolt is for sale.   See the Horizon Hobby web site for specifics.

The P-47D-1 is complete and ready to fly with all Servos, ESC, and Electric Retracts.
Just add a 2.4 GHz receiver, charge batteries and go fly.
Thrust is supplied by an AXI 4130/16 Gold Line Motor swinging a 16 x 8E APC prop.
Power is by two Thunder Power 65 C 5,000 mAH Li-Po batteries in series.
Rodger Grotheer checked it out for its first flight about 2.5 years ago and it flies great!

Price is $470

Jack R. Albrecht
Cell: 707-694 3280 


I started building this a while ago but, as with many RC projects, never quite got it finished. All major components have been built, I don't have an engine for it, but this could be a very nice electric conversion. Receiver and servos are up to you.

The plane is an Easy Sport 40, it's billed as one step above a trainer. Here's the webpage for it: http://www.greatplanes.com/discontinued/gpma0150.html

The kit is complete with the exception of tires (for some reason I can't find them) and a balsa wood closeout that sits on top of the wing that I built but has since been lost. It's a pretty simple fairing to put
together using the plans.


Bryan Sandoz             skyclmbr@uw.edu   PH: 206-554-1881


If you would like to place an add, pleased send it to kroberson@jccomp.com and I will 
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